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Every day, users rate and comment on coffees and share their opinions with friends on Coffeely.

Coffeely offers coffee shop a free service to control their venue identity on Coffeely and also build customer loyalty by communicating directly with users. By claiming your venue you can enter more information about your coffee shop.

Don’t let your coffee shop stay unclaimed. It’s free, only takes 30 seconds and it’s yours!

If you have any further questions about claiming your venue or about Coffeely in general, please send us an email at coffeely@coffeelyapp.com.

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Step 1. Sign up as your coffee shop

The first step if you do not have an account sign up on Coffeely. If you are setting up a new account we recommend signing up with an email that has your coffee shop name in the domain, @coffeeshop.com for example.

Step 2. Claim your coffee shop

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