Top Rated Coffee Brand of the Week: dolcecaffe

And the coffee brand winner is…

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Here are the coffee brands that stood out this week:

  1. dolcecaffe : ★ 5.00
  2. coffesso : ★ 4.75
  3. Simon Levelt: ★ 4.50
  4. Nescafé: ★ 4.25
  5. Erste Tegernseer Kaffeerösterei: ★ 4.25
  6. Nespresso: ★ 4.17
  7. Café Santa Lúcia: ★ 4.00
  8. Unique: ★ 4.00
  9. L’Or: ★ 4.00
  10. Colombian Coffee Federation: ★ 3.75

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