Top Rated Coffee of the Week: Unique – Mundo Novo

And the coffee winner is…

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  1. Unique – Mundo Novo: ★ 5.00
  2. Nespresso – Double Espresso Scuro: ★ 4.50
  3. Nespresso – Master Origins – Colombia: ★ 4.50
  4. Ebru Coffee Co. – Brazil – Stout: ★ 4.50
  5. Kona Mountain Coffee – Signature Roast: ★ 4.50
  6. Carte Noire – Grains espresso: ★ 4.50
  7. Erste Tegernseer Kaffeerösterei – Fazenda Sertão: ★ 4.25
  8. Nespresso – VertuoLine Diavolitto: ★ 4.00
  9. Café Santa Lúcia – Santa Lúcia Espresso: ★ 4.00
  10. Unique – Tiger Espresso: ★ 4.00

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